The main project page is now functional.Further releases will be notified there.

The project home page is located at


OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 has been released.This is just a monthly update and has minor improvements over the R1 release.Three versions have been released namely

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 lite-This installer contains only the executable files and some extra files that were included in this release.

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 update-This installer contains only the necessary files .

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 full-This is the complete installer.

Also included are .sfv files to check the authenticity of the installers.sfv stands for Simple File Verification and are basically checksum files that are used to check the authenticity of the main file.

To use sfv files you need a program called quick sfv .Get quick sfv here .

Links to sfv files are as below
OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 Lite

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 update

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R2 Full

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R1 has been released.Being in alpha stage of development,the interface is a little naive .The entire login system has been changed and the new login system makes use of Google login api’s to authenticate user.

New features like Gmail alert,Gtalk alert and Online/Offline indicator will be added in future releases.Alert by sms feature will also be added very soon.

View the changelog for other changes.

To download OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R1 click the link below

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R1 setup file

To download the source archive click the link below

OrkutAlert 0.8 Alpha R1 Source(tar.gz archive)

Official mailing list

September 25, 2006

The official mailing list has been started for developers and users to discuss more about OrkutAlert .To subscribe to this mailing list first send a blank email to .

This is the latest update of OrkutAlert .This release is to make OrkutAlert work with the latest changes done in the Orkut main page.

Click the following link to download the setup file

OrkutAlert 0.6 update 2 setup file

OrkutAlert 0.6 Help file

September 6, 2006

For those of you having a difficulty in using OrkutAlert ,a help file has been released .

Click the link below to download the zipped help file

Orkutalert 0.6 Help file(zipped)

The latest update for OrkutAlert 0.6 has been released .This update is an attempt to fix the previously mentioned problems.

OrkutAlert 0.6 update 1 setup file

Developers please click the link below to download the source

OrkutAlert0.6 update 1 Source(Self extracting archive)

Dear visitors/beta testers ,due to a change in the design of will not work as of now.I will soon be updating with the new version(revised) .

because this is would just be a revison of 0.6, do not expect any new features in this.

Dear Visitors

August 26, 2006

This is the official Weblog of OrkutAlert.You will find important information about updates,changelogs ,online manuals and more .