Version 0.8 Alpha Revision 2
XCode Optimized further
XMinor bugs from R1 fixed
+Added gmail alert functionality(Currently inactive)
+Added mainfestation Code
+Added features in installer script
+Three packages released -lite ,update,full
+Faster page loading and scrap calculation compared to R1

Version 0.8 Alpha Release 1

+Added png,tiff support
XLogin issues resolved
XCode optimized
Xinstaller base reduced
+Added tray alerts
+Added extract scraps from scrapbook

Version 0.6 update 2
XFixed the nasty JIT(Just in time debugging) prompt.

Version 0.6 update 1
XFixed installer issues
-Removed unnecessary code
XFixed change in Orkut main page.
XFixed code in calculating scraps and friends(improved error handling).
XFixed Login and logout procudure.

Version 0.6
+View your Friends who have logged in Recently.
+AutoComplete Feature in Email.
+Added Silent Mode while Checking for scraps.
-Removed Xp Manifestation Code .
-Removed Right-Click Menu on SystemTray Icon.
-Removed Connection Timeout Feature.
XFixed bug in SystemTray Code.

Version 0.4
+First Public Release
+Checks For New Scraps that have arrived in your Scrapbook

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